Chyawanprash Filling Machine

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  • Salient Features
Semi Automatic Double Head Aluminum And Lami Combo Type Tube Filling Machine

  • automatic container feeding with turn table or packing conveyor
  • jacketed hopper &  mixing stirrer
  • plugging & capping machine
It’s ideally suited for filling of balm, ointment, wax polish, Vaseline, waxes & petroleum jelly, based similar products in hot melt form. Other free flowing viscose materials such as lotions, cold creams moisturizers, etc.

Salient Features

• Dripless accurate filling.
• Filling accuracy ± 1%
• Filling range 5gm to 500gm
• quick change over to different filling range
• totally GMP model
• speed depending upon volume & viscosity of the product
• all the contact parts are 304 / 316 / 316L quality as per your    requirement.